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Generator light tower

  • Metal halide lamp 4*1000W vehicle mounted stadium light tower with trailer
Metal halide lamp 4*1000W vehicle mounted stadium light tower with trailer

Metal halide lamp 4*1000W vehicle mounted stadium light tower with trailer

  • Dimension:3195*1150*2150
  • Oil Capability:5.1L
  • Power*lamp:1000W*S
  • Mast height:9m
  • Product description: Diesel generator light tower is from ENWEI company which is a professional diesel light tower supplier and exporter in china!
ENWEI MO-5658 Mobile Light Tower

Scope: Railway, electricity, public security, oil, metallurgy, petrochemical enterprises at night operations, freight yard loading and unloading, patrol maintenance, accident repair and other high-brightness lighting and other work to provide mobile lighting.

ENWEI MO-5658 Mobile Light Tower

Efficient and energy-saving: The complete set of lamps uses 4 1000W high luminous efficiency metal halide lamps, high brightness, electricity province, irradiation area up to 1500 square meters.

Safe and reliable: The surface of the anodic corrosion treatment mast, reasonable structure. Mast raised to withstand 7 winds.

Easy to operate: The manual lifting system with stable performance can be raised to any height (up to 9 meters), and the positioning is stable and reliable; with special control box, easy to operate; with electric walking device, can be directly on the road or Construction site mobile walking.

Ancillary functions: The use of high-power generator sets, in addition to providing lighting, but also as other electrical equipment to provide external power supply.

Model MO-5658
Manufacturer ENWEI
Generator Kubota diesel oil
Type Water cooled
Generator Types Single-phase
Rated Power 6KVA
Rated Voltage 220V
Continuous working time (hour) 25hours
Oil Capability 5.1L
Power*lamp 1000W*4
Excitation mode Capacitor exciter
Elevating height 9m
Light angle turning Manual operation
Braking System Parking braking/Driving braking
Luminous Efficiency 80 Lumens/ Watt
Luminous flux 4*99000LM
Lamp Metal halide lamp
Net weight(kg) 840kg

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