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Mining Equipment

  • Pneumatic Grouting Injection Pump
Pneumatic Grouting Injection Pump

Pneumatic Grouting Injection Pump

  • Structure: Rotor Type
  • Machining Process: Hydraulic
  • Air Pressure Range: 0.2-0.63 MPa
  • HS Code: 8413400000
  • Product description: Pneumatic Grouting Injection Pump is from Jining Enwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. which is a mining machinery supplier and exporter in china
Product Introduction
Type 2 ZBQ series pneumatic grouting pump adopts pneumatic transmission, can be in flammable and explosive, much dust and rain water etc. Work under the bad environment, which can realize the promise the quantity, automatic constant pressure variable (discharge plasma volume increased with the increase of discharge plasma pressure decreases, the shallow rock strata grouting can effectively protect the same), of 1:1 ratio of slurry can be double fluid grouting, etc.Widely used in coal mine, iron wall waterproof, grouting and bolting grouting reinforcement, as well as subway, tunnel, water conservancy, construction and grouting water plugging and broken rock, the grouting consolidation of soft foundation reinforcement work.

Technology Parameters    
Model Number  Air Consumption(m3/min) Flow Power(Mpa) Weight(kg) Dimension(L*W*H)
L/min m3/h
2ZBQ10/5 0.5  ≤10 ≤0.6 ≤5 18 600*300*440mm
2ZBQ50/4 0.7  ≤50 ≤3.0 ≤4 41 800*400*700mm
2ZBQ24/10 ≤24 ≤1.44 ≤10
2ZBQ130/3 1.5  ≤130 ≤7.8 ≤3.5 83 1300*500*1000mm
2ZBQ96/5 ≤96 ≤5.78 ≤5
2ZBQ70/7 ≤70 ≤4.2 ≤7
2ZBQ40/11 ≤40 ≤2.4 ≤11
2ZBQ150/6 3.0  ≤150 ≤9.0 ≤6 110 1300*600*1200mm
2ZBA110/8 ≤110 ≤6.6 ≤8
2ZBQ80/11 ≤80 ≤4.8 ≤11
2ZBQ50/19 ≤50 ≤3.0 ≤19

Pneumatic Pump Features: c Pump
1.2ZBQ Pneumatic Single/Double Liquid Grout Pump for Coal Mine 
2.high efficiency, reliable performance, long service life. 
3.simplified structure, light weight, flexible  movement, convenient operation and maintenance.
Pneumatic Pump Application: 
tic Pump
1.2ZBQ Pneumatic Grout Pump can be used to grout mortar, cement paste, slurry and other liquid (particle size ≤ 3mm).
widely used in tunnels, coal mine, bridges and dams, building foundation, and other underground projects, and inflammable, explosive sites and other bad environment.
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