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Mining Equipment

  • LED Safety Helmet Light
LED Safety Helmet Light

LED Safety Helmet Light

  • Irradiation Distance: 100-200m
  • Rated Capacity: 2.8ah
  • Battery Life: >500 Cycle Time
  • HS Code: 851310900
  • Product description: LED Safety Helmet Light is from Jining Enwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. which is a mining machinery supplier and exporter in china

Introduction of Mining Portable Cordless LED  Safety Helmet Light

1.Highest dust protection and submersible water protection
2.Very low maintenance to significantly reduce your lamp room cost
3.Strong protection from over voltage, over current, over charge and over discharge
4.High light output in mining level and three operating modes for different applications
5.Exceptional strength and rugged structure designed for the harshest mining environment
6.Adjustable angle to point wherever you see, near or far-to read and write, repair equipment of check the ceiling, significantly reducing dead corners
7.Free you from the inconvenience of electrical cable and burden of a battery pack and also eliminates the possibility of any accident by bumping or snagging cable cord.

Parameter of Mining Portable Cordless LED  Safety Helmet Light

Technical  Data    
Item    Parameters
Battery Capacity 2.8Ah
  Rated voltage 3.6V
  Main light lighting > 15 Hours
  Auxiliary lights lighting > 30 Hours
  Charging time < 5 Hours
  Battery lifetime > 500 cycle times           1,000 cycle remain 75%
LED Main light Power 1 W
  Luminous flux >80 lm
  Illuminance                    (1 m distance) 2500 Lux  start
    1000 Lux  After 11 hours
  Lifetime > 30,000 Hours
  Working current 200mA
Charger Input voltage AC 110-250V  50-60Hz
  Output voltage DC 4.6V
  Output current 0.6A
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