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Pneumatic Rock Drill

  • YT27 Portable Pneumatic Rock Drill
YT27 Portable Pneumatic Rock Drill

YT27 Portable Pneumatic Rock Drill

  • HS Code:8430312000
  • Air Pressure:0.4-0.63MPa
  • Impact frequency:>31Hz
  • Certification:ISO
  • Product description: YT27 Pneumatic Rock Drill is from Jining Enwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. which is a professional Pneumatic Rock Drill supplier and exporter in china

YT27 Portable Pneumatic Rock Drill is a rock drilling equipment with high efficiency. It is widely used in rock drilling. It's very important to coal mine, tunnel, railway traffic, water conservancy and so on.

Application of YT27 Portable Pneumatic Rock Drill

YT27 Portable Pneumatic Rock Drill is suitable for hard rock, concrete (f=8~18) drilling, blasting, breaking works. Energy-saving and efficient, long service life of parts, parts highly interchangeable and reliable performance.

Technical Parameters of YT27 Portable Pneumatic Rock Drill




26 (Kg)


668 (mm)

Cylinder dia

φ80 (mm)

Piston stroke

60 (mm)

Working pressure

0.4~0.5 (Mpa)

Impact energy

≥70 (J)

Impact frequency

≥36 (Hz)

Air consumption

≤85 (L/s)

Working water pressure

0.2~0.3 (Mpa)

Air pipe inner dia

φ25 (mm)

Water pipe inner dia

φ13 (mm)

Rock drill hole dia

φ34~φ42 (mm)

Rock drill hole depth

5 (m)

Shank size

22×108 (mm)

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