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  • AE102 Oxygen filling pump
AE102 Oxygen filling pump

AE102 Oxygen filling pump

  • HS Code:84148090
  • Inflation pressure:30Mpa
  • Displacement under suction conditions:3L/min
  • Power type:AC Power
  • Product description: AE102 Oxygen filling pump is from Jining Enwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. which is a professional Oxygen filling pump supplier and exporter in china

Oxygen filling pump is mainly used for filling oxygen breathing apparatus and compressed oxygen self-rescuer
high-pressure gas cylinder booster pump. It is the filling of oxygen or other non-combustible gases in the large gas
cylinders into another gas storage cylinder. can automatically control the filling pressure.

It is an oxygen filling equipment that increases oxygen pressure from source bottle to another gas bottle, l
et the oxygen pressure of this gas bottle achieve the needed pressure. It is used for pump oxygen, nitrog
en and carbon dioxide from source gas bottle and fills in the gas bottle which is waiting for inflating.
Oxygen filling pump is mainly used for mining, hospital service, is used for filling oxygen respirator,
compression oxygen for oxygen tanks, chemical, oil, medical, fire control and other relevant industries
when needed.



Inflation pressure


Displacement under suction conditions




Maximum compression ratio


Compressor stages




Working temperature






Oxygen filling pump Product operating Procedures

1 oxygen filling pump should be selected in a clean and dust-free room to work, the use of temperature should not be less than 0 ºC.

2 The filling pump can be bolted to a horizontal base or placed on a horizontal base table. A thick rubber plate with damping between the filling pump and the abutment
shall be in contact with the base station smoothly.
3 do not contact any Fat object in contact with water _ glycerin lubrication liquid
4 before the first use, the mechanical oil should be injected into the body, and after each replacement of mechanical oil, the body must be outside the grease wipe clean.
Do not allow the oil from the upper and lower body joints, the sealing ring and the sealing cover outside the leakage.
5 Smoking is prohibited in the place of use, and strict forbidden prohibition system should be established. The filling workers must wear clean clothes without oil, and
must wash their hands with soap before working.
6 Oxygen filling pump should be selected in a clean and non-greasy room to work, the use of environmental encounters not less than ºC, indoor lighting lines and power
lines can not use the wire, the line connector must use explosion-proof junction box, oxygen filling indoor storage of large oxygen cylinders must not exceed the
maintenance of good ventilation. The oxygen filling pump and the large oxygen cylinder should be used in isolation.
7 filling pump to be horizontally placed on the ground, four legs cushion flat. Use the external air source tube to connect the gas source bottle with the filling pump
connecting pipe and the sealing ring of the body connection should be installed correctly.

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