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Gasoline Rock Drill

  • YN29 Gasoline Rock Drill
YN29 Gasoline Rock Drill

YN29 Gasoline Rock Drill

  • HS Code:8430312000
  • Max Drilling Depth:6M
  • Drilling Speed (Mean Value of Five Holes):250mm/Min
  • Rotation Speed of Engi:2450rpm
  • Product description: Gasoline Rock Drill is from Jining Enwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. which is a professional Gasoline Rock Drill,Gasoline Jack Hammer supplier and exporter in china

Gasoline Internal Combustion Rock Drill Type YN27J is a very efficient machine with the special feature

that the structure is very compact, Less of the-easy-to-damage-parts, and very easy to control. It can

adapt to these outside situations there is no water and no electronic power. It is a Kind hand held drill built up with

gasoline engine, Air pump, rock drill and the rotation plumbum equipment for running or stop. It can be used as a

tool for breaking, percussive drilling, tamping besides rock.

Other type: YN27A,YN28,YN30A,YN30W

Instruction of YN27C

YN27C Rock Drillis is a very efficient machine, composed of gasoline engine, Air pump, rock drill.

It adapt to these outside situations without water and electronic power.

Meanwhile it is a hand- held drill, during operation, rock power is blown away by the compressed air produced by

the machine itself.

Its suited to work on high mountains, plains, hot and cold area with no power and no water supply and air

compressing equipments, and especially suits the projects that the machine has to be carried at any time and in any


Features of YN27C

1. Easy to operate, just turn the handle to make it work.

2. Time and labor saving, Drilling fast and high efficiency.

3. First-class level Drilling Tools, suitable for site without power or pressure equipment, it has wide adaptability for

high mountain and plain, extreme temperature (40 to -40)

4. Used to drill vertical downward hole(max depth 6m) and and <45° Upward hole.

5. Light Drilling Tools, only 27kgs, easy to carry.


1. Structure is very comact

2. Less of the easy o damage parts, easy to control

3. Adapt to these outside situations there is no water and no electronic power



Drilling diameter (mm)


Drilling depth(m)




Motor type

Single cylinder

air cooled

two stroke gasoline engine

engine capacity(cm3)


Fuel tank capacity


Drilling speed


Ps.: Others

1. Besides C1 C2 C3 non explosive blasting chemicals , we also sell other Stone drilling tools:

1) Rock drill:

Handheld rock Drill: Y10, Y18, Y20, Y24, Y26, TY24C, etc;

Airleg rock drill: YT24, YT28, etc;

2) Drill rod: Taper rod (hex. 22 * 108mm)

3) Drill bit: Taper button bit, Taper chisel bit, Taper cross bit

4) Splitter: Handheld stone splitter (or shims and wedges or plug and feather), G10 pneumatic splitter

5) Breaker: G10, TPB, etc;

2. Advantages:

Compared with the oversea brands, our advantages are bellowing:

a. Our products can match over 95% against the original products

b. Price are competitive against the famous brands and best quality against the small factory

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