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Tunneling Machine

  • EBZ120 Underground Coal Roadheader for Coal Mine
EBZ120 Underground Coal Roadheader for Coal Mine

EBZ120 Underground Coal Roadheader for Coal Mine

  • HS Code:843039000
  • Power supply Type:AC
  • Power:1605KW
  • Size: Medium-Sized
  • Product description: Ebz120 Underground Coal Roadheader is from Jining Enwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. which is a professional Coal Roadheader supplier and exporter in china
EBZ120 Underground Coal Roadheader for  Coal Mine

Technical Parameters
Max cutting height 3.89m
Max positioning cutting width 5.56m
Tunneling section form Random
Economic cutting section 8-22m2
Grade ability ±16°
One way cutting coal rock compression ≤60MPa
Dimension (L*W*H) 9.1x2.1x1.6m
Production capacity 3m3/min
Ground clearance 250mm
Dinting of the Cut Head 250mm
Installed power 195kw
Total weight 36t
Tractive force 170KN
Cutter head shape Longitudinal Axis type
Cutter head size ( dia*width) 700x500
Cutting head Rotating speed 54.26r/min
Cutter pick form pickaxe
Cutter pick quantity 27 units
Cutting motor rated power 120KW
Loading capacity 180m3/h
Loading motor rated pressure 16MPa
Conveyor motor rated pressure 16MPa
Spade Board Width 2.5m
Planer gear speed 35r/min
Conveyor form double-strand scraping plate
Chain speed 1.2m/s
Walking speed 3.2/6.4 m/min
Ground pressure 0.14MPa
Crawer(caterpillar) width 500mm
Brake system friction clutch
Pump power 75KW
Rated pressure 16MPa
Fuel tank capacity 600L
Outer water spray working pressure ≥1.5MPa
Supply voltage AC1140V/660V
Gross power 215KW
Operation box protection type Explosion proof

Product Introduction

The roadheaders are advanced, self-propelled, extremely powerful rock-cutting machines designed to excavate roadways, tunnels and chambers continuously without using explosives. Powered electro-hydraulically, they are used extensively in coal mining, mineral mining and underground construction projects, where their ability to excavate the desired profile without causing harmful vibrations is highly valued for both environmental and safety reasons.

Main Characteristics
  1. Compact structure , body is low , with a low center of of gravity , easy to operate , and operate steadily. 2. Cutting head size can be 700x550 or 750x550mm , it has good cutting speed when cut medium hard coal rock.
  2. Cutting pick are reasonable arrangement , strong ability of cutting , posses spray both inside and outside , good dust-proof effect .
  3. The roller shearer is used for mechanized coal mining in longwall coal face, and can also be used for mining other minerals such as potash or shale.   At present, the cutting height of the drum shearer is 0.65~5.0m, which can cut down various cutting impedance coal seams .
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