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Mobile Trailer Solar Light Tower

Trolley Light Tower Professional Light Portable Light Tower Mast Telescopic Retractable Mast

  • Keywords: telescopic mast; Telecommunication tower telescopic mast; manual light tower mast; trailer mast; light pole; telecommunication tower telescopic mast
  • bearing weight: not less than 60kg
  • material: Q253B steel
  • Surface treatment: cold galvanized and spray paint; hot galvanized
  • Product description: Truck vehicle trailer mobile light tower mast telescopic mast is from jining enwei intelligent technology co., ltd., which is a prefessional telescopic mast supplier exporter in China!

The product has the advantages of light weight, low collection height, large height range, suitable for all-weather use, strong corrosion resistance, large load, simple structure and convenient use.

Scope Of Application: This product can be used on the ground, on-board and on-board. Antennas, pan/tilt, lights, cameras,
communication equipment, meteorological instruments, etc. can be installed on the lifting rod.
Widely used in public security, fire protection, communications, meteorology, municipal construction, various natural disasters, emergency scenes, night rescue, rescue and other fields; can be installed in satellite news interview vehicles, OB vans, military, public security command vehicles, emergency communications Various models such as cars and other special vehicles; can also be used as a sports venue lighting carrier.

Telescopic mast
Manual Light Tower Mast
Brand Name
light tower mast; camera trailer mast; communication equipment
Lifting Height
6m; customized
Shut Height
1.8m; customized
Section No.
4 sections
Max Outside Diameter
120mm; customzied
Min. diameter
60mm; customized
Lift way
manual winch; customized
Max. load bearing
≤80kg; customized
Surface treatment
Electroplating + outdoor coating

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